Desk Posture – Working From Home Self Help

5 Top Tips to Help Prevent Posture Related Pain While Working from Home!


Ensure your ‘make shift’ work from home station is as ergonomic as possible; supportive chair, feet firmly on the floor, back supported, shoulders down, arms resting on a table and laptop/computer set up at eye level.


Make sure you get up and take a break every 30-45 mins, even if it is to walk around the house and return.

  1. MOVE

This can be going for a short walk, neck stretches, spinal mobility or a quick cardio HIIT session.


Try and stick to your work start and finish time. It is important to close the laptop down at the end of the day, switch off and enjoy some personal and family time.

  1. SLEEP

Sleep is one of the most underrated self help treatments, the sleep foundation recommends 7-9hours a night for adults.

Exercises & Stretches to Follow.


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