Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

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Shockwave therapy is a modern and highly effective treatment option in orthopaedic and rehabilitative medicine.  At Watt Health it will be administered by our Chiropractor Nick. The term shockwave refers to mechanical pressure pulses that expand as a wave in the body. In modern pain therapy, shockwave energy is conducted from the point of origin to the painful body regions, where it applies its healing capacities.

What disorders can be treated?

  • Neck Pain (Myofascial pain syndromes)
  • Shoulder Pain (Calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder, subacrominal pain syndrome)
  • Back Pain (Myofascial pain syndromes, idiopathic lowerback pain and pseudoradicular syndromes)
  • Elbow Pain (Lateral and medial epicondylitis)
  • Hand Pain (Dupuytrens disease, De Quervain disease, trigger finger and Carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Hip Pain (Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome)
  • Hamstring Pain (Hamstring tendinopathy, insertional)
  • Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis, patella tip syndrome)
  • Osgood -Schlatter Disease
  • Achilles Pain (Achilles tendinopathy, insertional and mid body)
  • Heel Pain (Plantarfasciopathy)
All too often people suffer with chronic pain they are trying to manage, or face surgery that could cause more problems. For many, Shockwave would provide a successful alternative to surgery, if only people knew about it.

The advantages of Shockwave are many:

  • It works
  • It’s non-invasive
  • There’s no risk of infection
  • No risk of tendon rupture as may rarely occur with steroid injections
  • It has NICE approval

The results are not instant, it may be uncomfortable and the results can be operator dependent. Any musculoskeletal therapist can buy a machine and apply Shockwave to a problem area, but without correcting the underlying adverse biomechanics it will not be a long term fix. 

The easiest way to think of the energy created by a Shockwave machine is to imagine a Jacuzzi, as the bubbles are generated outside of the body, the energy of the jets is focused on a certain area and the effect can be felt below the surface of your skin. The stronger the jet, the deeper the effect. Similarly, the more focused the jet, the more targeted the impact.

The initial Consultation is an hour long and consists of your first treatment. Each session after this are 15 minute sessions and on average you need around 6 of these follow-up sessions.

The fee is taken in advance for the whole course of sessions – get in touch for pricing plans and further information.

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