For any of you who know Steph, you won’t be surprised that she decided to take on yet another qualification! Steph is a sucker for studying and continues to strive to extend her knowledge and expand her never ending skill set!


The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute is a well-recognised and highly respected leading establishment for Pilates Instructor training for Health Care Professionals. A team of physiotherapists have used the fundamentals and key elements of the traditional Pilates repertoire and have structured them into more clinically relevant exercises based on rehabilitation with graded progressions and levels.

| Segmental spinal stabilisation and pelvic stability forms the theoretical foundation, in aim of retraining and maintaining normal functional movement. These exercises can be tailored to individual needs, varied injury complaints, sport specific requirements and differing levels of skill.

Matwork Series

Steph is working through her Matwork Series, already completing levels 1 and 2 from 3.

| This enables Steph to teach 1:1 Clinical Pilates and run Group Exercise classes |

Steph is working towards her fully qualified APPI Pilates Instructor qualification, with an additional course and speciality in Ante and Post Natal Pilates to assist management in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Pilates Power

After completing both Matwork Level 1 and 2, enduring four gruelling days of nonstop abdominal exercises, this definitely highlighted some faults in my own personal training and some significant movement dysfunctions of my own.

|Until you have someone look, watch and assess the way you move and perform exercises, you really are clueless as to what you look like and are totally unaware of the fact you are performing them wrong! |

This made me realise how many people, including myself must train incorrectly or at least inefficiently and could benefit from 1:1 examination to maximise training and exercise benefits. I have taken away a vast amount of knowledge on assessment skills, asymmetries, uncontrolled movement and movement dysfunctions that I can take forward into my clinical practice and my own personal training regime and I cant wait to get started!

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